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    October 2021 Blog

    October Recap. November News.

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    September 2021 Blog

    September Recap and October News

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    Summer Program 2021

    Learn all about the fun our students had during our summer program at Stars Montessori Academmy.

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    July 2021 - It's Summer!

    This month has been filled with so much excitement! We started the month by celebrating the wonderful men in the lives of the children. The children were very excited to host their dads for our Father’s Day event as well as hand out their presents. Secondly, we had graduation, the children who participate in the ceremony practiced very hard to put on an amazing show for their parents. We were very sad to see them leave but are very proud of all their accomplishments. We hope we gave the children the tools they need to have a successful learning foundation. As always, we want to thank all the parents who were able to join us for the graduation and for our Father’s Day event.

     For the Month of July, we will be closed next Friday the 2nd for our Inservice Day as well as that following Monday the 5th inobservance of the 4th of July. Also, friendly reminder to please dress your child in summer like clothes. As we are approaching summer weather its nice to dress the children in summer like clothes as well as Closed-toe shoes, please keep in mind if your child is wearing a skirt to have them also wear shorts underneath. Also don’t forget to apply Sunscreen every morning.

    Don’t forget to check your calendar’s for our water days as well  our inhouse fieldtrips throughout the months of Summer. Thank you so much for being a part of school community this year and we look forward to a great summer!

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    June 2021

    In May the children had a fun time with the arrival of our butterflies, the children were able to view the life cycle of a butterfly. They also had lots of fun naming each caterpillar unique names. We were able to release the butterflies once they emerge from their chrysalis, some children were saddened from the departure but overall happy to see the butterflies fly off. Our Mother’s Day celebration was very fun! We were excited to have so many mommies join us, we hoped everyone loved their presents and enjoyed our little party. Parent-Teacher conference were busy with many parents joining their children’s teachers for updates on how they are doing in the classroom and goals for the upcoming weeks and months. Parents went above and beyond for our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. Our staff are very dedicated to families and children and your appreciation of what they do is amazing.

    Our teachers had a fun time teaching the children about the cycle of a butterfly.  The children enjoyed watching our caterpillars make their chrysalis and eventually turn into butterflies. The children also learned about different kinds of whales, their behaviors, and nick names. Did you know that the Beluga whale is known as the canary of the sea because of the beautiful sounds they make?  Or that the Narwal whale has a long tusk that is a protruding canine tooth and that their nick name is the unicorn of the sea? 

    In June the children will be learning about Community Helpers and what makes them special. In the Primary classrooms the children will be learning about the wonderful state we live in, California. Students will get a chance to learn about the state flower, capital, and flag. The book for June will be The Little Red Hen by Paul Galdone. Some exciting events to look forward to this month is Donuts and Dads on June 18th from 9:15 to 9:45, Graduation 9:30 for Pre-K and 11:00 for Kindergarten, and lastly on June 30th during school the children will be able to participate in an Ice Cream Social.

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    May 2021

    After Spring Break, we welcomed several new families, and we would like to extend a warm welcome to you all. This month the children concentrated on Australia as well as the Planet Earth. The children worked in the garden and discussed caring for the planet to help celebrate Earth day. They also learned the importance of recycling and keeping our planet clean.

    April includes an annual celebration called the “Week of the Young Child”. The children were excited about the different themes during the week. The children enjoyed making instruments, eating healthy snacks, building, creating art and showing off their families. We also had fun with crazy socks, crazy hair, backward dressing, crazy hats and of course pajama day. We would like to thank all our parents for your scholastic purchases. It helps fill our library with books that the children enjoy reading. The children had so much fun making volcanoes in their classrooms. Some of them made small volcanos and took them home.  

    May is going to be a very busy month. We have our annual Mother’s Day Event on the 6th and 7th and Parent Teacher Conferences on the 12th and 13th. A reminder that we will close at 3:00pm on these two days. All events will be held in person. We look forward to having you back in the building!

    May also includes a week-long event for Teacher Appreciation. This is an opportunity to show your appreciation for all the wonderful hard work that our teachers do. We have asked the teachers to fill out a ‘Favorites’ form and will be emailing it out to you.

    We would like to let you know that we will be launching a new parent’s app in early May! Parents will receive a new invite email and will be invited to enroll in order to receive messages and information regarding your child throughout the day. More information will come as we get closer to the launch date!

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    April 2021

    March was full of excitement and adventure with fun events such as Dr. Suess's birthday, Saint Patrick's Day, and our African Savanna theme. The children made enjoyable and colorful art to celebrate each occasion. Our classrooms were decorated with shamrocks and rainbows, Dr.Suess's Thing 1 & 2, Lions and Elephants, and many more. Definitely,some good fridge-worthy artwork to proudly display. During circle time, the teachers led discussions about Dr.Seuss, the African Savanna, Spring, and animals they would see on a Safari adventure. Our book of the month was a collection of our favorite Dr. Suess books to honor his birthday. The children studied the last four letters of the alphabet w,x,y, and z by singing songs, reviewing what each letter looked like and it's sound. 


    Our Cooking Enrichment was a big hit with our Primary and Kindergarten classes. Each week, we had a fun March-themed snack that got the children involved in the recipes to create a special treat. The children enjoyed exploring new instruments and practiced their Spanish with worksheets and fun videos. Lastly, they studied and created different African art to expand their knowledge of the African Savanna further. 


    In April, the weather is warmer, the sun is brighter, and the flowers are blooming. Spring is such a fun time of the year here at Montessori School of San Clemente. The children are studying Island and Volcanoes for this month's theme. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault is our book of the month. Our art project will allow the children to express their creativity with aboriginal art, animals, and more. 

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    March 2021

    February was a month to focus on friendships, culture, and the differences we all share. Each classroom recognized and created activities focused on these topics. It was great to see the celebrations of friends and loved ones. The children were particularly excited about our yearly Valentine's day festivities. It was a nice time to build on their friendships and remind one another the value of love and kindness. The children were so happy to give valentines out to their friends and share in good food. It is a great learning opportunity for the children to learn the value of giving.

    Our enrichment program after 3:00pm is an important part of each day. Every day the children are exposed to art, music, cooking, computers and Spanish. Some of this month’s activities included Japanese art, music from the Asian culture, Spanish words for friendship greetings, making friendship trail mix and focusing on math, language and reading using the computers. These lessons are a critical part of learning and developing the necessary skills to succeed in everyday life.

    In March we are looking forward to celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday along with his impact on early literacy. We will also be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with festivities and green materials! Our children will be studying Africa and the Savanna. They will be discussing the animal habitats and what makes them special. March is also the month that re-enrollment packets are due and spring photos are taken. We will be providing childcare during Spring Break the last week of March. Emails will be sent with a registration form and reminders will be sent accordingly. We look forward to another creative month!

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    February 2021 - Cultural Awareness Month

    February News: 

    February will be all about celebrating Cultural Awareness & Friendship. We will be having a Valentine’s Day Card Exchange on Feb. 12 to celebrate. Please bring in store bought cards without candy and only the name of who it is from. We will discuss friendship and how to be a good friend to others and respect cultural traditions. In Geography we will cover the continent of Asia and discuss the artwork and music that was made there throughout history. As a reminder school will be open on Feb. 12th and closed Feb. 15 for President’s Day.

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    January 2021 - Happy New Year!

    January Recap:

    It was so great to see everyone back after Winter Break! In January we explored the theme of Winter, Snow & Ice through our work and activities. We learned about all the different animals that live in the continent of Antarctica and the type of climate they have adapted to. We continued our theme of cold weather through reading the book The Mitten by Jan Brett. We created our own mitten artwork inspired by the beautifully illustrated book. We had fun discovering the different types of snow and ice and how it falls to the ground in some places with colder climates. In our Primary Classes we celebrated the 100th day of school by bringing in 100 items to show our counting skills.

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    December 2020

    December Recap: 

    We had so many fun days in December! We loved spreading Holiday Spirit and teaching lessons of kindness to our students. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein taught us the importance of selfless giving and unconditional caring. We learned about different ways people celebrate during the holidays and how to be respectful of different traditions. Spirit Week was so much fun, and we loved seeing everyone’s creativity in their outfits. Our Christmas Performance was posted on Youtube and the students did an amazing job learning their songs. Progress Reports were sent out in December and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our Christmas Present drive for Polinsky Childrens Center; it was so great to show the children how to be generous and caring through a simple donation. We would also like to thank everyone who participated in the See’s Candy Fundraiser and the Scholastic Bookfair. We hope you all had a joyful Winter Break, and we are excited to see you all in the New Year.

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    November 2020

    November Recap:

    We had so much fun learning about our Virtues and Values in November. We learned that it is important to make friends and how to use some American Sign Language when communicating. In Geography we explored the United States of America and the individual regions and states. Our crafts centered around Autumn and turkey themes and we hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as we enjoyed making them. Our Enrichment cooking taught us how to make mini parfait buckets and pumpkin pie in a cup. Class pictures were sent home and we thank everyone who participated in Parent-Teacher Conferences and our Harvest Feast; your contributions really made it special. We hope you had a wonderful Veterans Day and Thanksgiving break off with your loved ones.

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    October 2020

    October Recap:


    October was so much fun. The children were all able to enjoy our spooky decorations in the hallways and the classrooms. The staff members enjoyed seeing the creative and cute costumes the children wore during the Halloween Costume Parade. We hope you all enjoyed the pictures and videos on our social media platforms. Along with learning about the spooky season, the children learned about the Solar System and Space. The children created beautiful solar system artwork.
    For Enrichment classes, the children stayed occupied all month long. In Art, the children created Halloween and fall art. In cooking, the pumpkin fluff and cream cheese spiders were the children’s favorite. For Spanish and music, we learned more about Mozart and common words. Again, we had lots of fun this month. We cannot wait for what is in store for us next month.


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    Back to School – September 2020

    September Recap:


    September was a great month. First, we want to thank all the parents who could join our online conference calls for our Virtual Back to School Night. We appreciate all the positive feedback we received and are trying every day to make our school a school that fits your family needs. We hope it was informative and helpful and wish we have a better upcoming school year. The children were very excited to learn about All About Me, they loved showing off their family pictures and their worksheet. In the office, we loved hearing the children sing their continent song and seeing their classroom’s family tree decorated with our children’s families’ smiling faces.

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    Summer 2020

    Summer recap:


    August was all about welcoming our students back to school. We cannot emphasize how much our staff has done this summer by keeping everything cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected. We are very happy to let our parents know that they bring their children in a clean and safe environment for our students during these difficult times.

    With a modified summer program, the children were able to enjoy the alternative ways we presented the summer topics. Some of their favorite parts were watching a Mentos and Coke rocket shoot off, a volcano made from plaster and oozing with baking soda and vinegar. As the month continued, the children started getting into the grove as we began our school year. The children reviewed their grace and courtesy, the importance of washing their hands, keeping each other safe, and learning about our country and state.

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    March 2020

    March News:


    March is all about "Rainforest and South America". We are so excited to start the month as we have many activities lined up. First, the children will start the month by learning about Dr. Seuss and all his wonderful books and artwork. The first week of March we will have a Dr. Seuss themed Spirit Week. We are also very excited to introduce Chicken Watch 2020; we will be hosting an incubator full of chicken eggs and watch the hatching process. We’d also like to remind parents that we have Spring Break from 3/30 – 4/3. There will be childcare during the spring recess, but it would be by sign-up only and at an extra cost. We will have forms available with all the details up front. We hope everyone has a wonderful month!

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    February 2020

    February Recap:  


    February was filled with so much fun and excitement. The children learned about different cultures and were very excited to learn about the differences and similarities from each other. Everyone enjoyed the Valentine’s Day snack party. The children also learned about different Asian countries, traditions, and people. With the New Lunar Year celebrations being so important to many different people, the children read books about how the celebrations vary from Asian countries. 

    For enrichment classes, the children all had fun making friendship wreath and Valentine themed rock art. For cooking the children created friendship fruit salad and trail mix and learned Spanish vocabulary about "Día del Amor y Amistad". For music the children listen to music from different Asian countries, including, China, Japan and Russia. Thank you, parents, for coming in for our Open House, we were very happy to see everyone enjoy their time with their child and learn what they learn throughout the day. We are all excited for the adventures that are in store for us in the coming weeks.

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    January 2020

    January Recap:


    January was filled with so much fun and excitement. The children learned about winter animals and hibernation; the children were able to explore the lifestyles of polar bears, penguins, animals that hibernate, and animals that track the snow. The continent the children studied this month was Antarctica, they learned about the terrains, animal survival and icebergs. The children also learned that people do not inhabit the continent but instead visit the continent for scientific research. Our book of the month was "The Mitten" by Jan Brett.

    For enrichment the children learned about Rodgers and Hammerstein’s most popular musical "The Sound of Music." For Spanish the children reviewed words they’ve already learned from the beginning of the school year to now. In computer class the children followed their self-paced curriculum through language and math. In art class the children created their own interpretation of Wessily Kandinsky’s famous work "Squares of Concentric Circles". Lastly, the children enjoyed cooking class, they created many different recipes in cooking class that were inspired by the animals of Antarctica.


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    December 2019

    December Recap:


    December was filled so much fun and excitement. We kicked the month off by having our annual See’s fundraiser. We appreciated everyone who participated and sold for our cause, as promised the class who won would get a pizza party. That lucky class was Ms. Penelope’s class, they will be having their pizza lunch party on Jan 10th. Then on the 12th we had a very special visitor, Santa! The children were all very excited and happy to have taken a picture with him. Check out our social media accounts to see their pictures. The following week we had a fun daily holiday topic for our spirit week. Everyone was dressed up in the festive spirit. We had such a fun Winter Holiday show, the children did such a fantastic job in performing for all their families. Congratulations to the families who won the cookie decorating contest, everyone did such a great job!

    For enrichment, the children were able to build off the topics they were learning throughout the month. In art, the children created wonderful salt paintings, Vincent Van Gogh’s inspired art, and snowmen rock painting. In Spanish, the children learned about the holidays in Spanish, in computer the children continued working on their individual learning paths. For cooking, the children created healthy snacks including zucchini, strawberries, blueberries, and yogurt. And finally, for music the children danced and sang to carols, popular holidays songs and much more! We hoped everyone had a fun and relaxed winter break. We can’t wait to see everyone in the New Year.

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    November 2019

    November Recap:


    Hello Parents, November was a fun filled month with many different events and activities. We started off with our Parent teacher conferences. We hoped that the teachers were able to answer the parent’s questions and concerns. Since our teachers spend a lot of time with the children, we hoped they were able to share each child’s individual growth and learning patterns for a successful school year. With the sun setting sooner, we’ve ended up splitting our friends into two classrooms. Room 5 will still be our closing room, but Room 3 was added to accommodate our Pre-Primary and Primary merge. In your child’s files, everyone received See’s Candy order forms, as stated in our previous emails, classes that sell the most will have a pizza party in the new year, we will start distributing the candies on Dec. 20th. We were all very pleased to see a lot of our parents participate and joining us for our Harvest Feast. 

    As the month progressed, the children were very excited about the topics they learned in class. They learned all about "Harvest and Healthy Bodies". We heard many discussions about learning what foods helped them grow big and strong. For cooking enrichment, they created many healthy food recipes, one of their favorites were the pumpkin smoothies. The children also learned about USA and California, they learned about our traditions, cultures, and people. As part they learned about Thanksgiving and what it means to be thankful for what we have. The children also learned about giving thanks to people who have helped our community, like our Veterans and anyone who is serving our country. We can’t wait what fun the next month holds for us. 

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    October 2019

    October Recap:


    October was filled with so many activities. First, we started with the book fair, thank you to everyone who bought books. We were able to earn enough money to buy even more books for our classrooms, the children loved listening to the book that were donated to their classrooms. 

    The children also enjoyed learning about fire prevention week, we discussed what we should do in case there was an emergency. The children practiced how to "duck and cover", and we even had a fire drill and practiced how to get out the building safely. Everyone was super excited when we had our costume parade, we loved seeing all the children’s, teacher’s, and parent’s fun and quirky Halloween costumes. We had a blast! We can’t wait for what November has in store for us.  

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    Back to School – September 2019

    September Recap:


    We had lots of fun in September, the children all learned so many different things. First, there were lots of new faces joining our school. We’d like to thank and welcome each and every one of you. All our teachers are working hard every day to make sure your child’s needs are met, and because of your feedback we can strive to be the best school for your family. We love having so much parent participation, thanks to you, our Back to School night was successful. We hope we provided enough information and suggestions to have a great school year.

    Speaking of success, our Picture days were a hit! The children all looked lovely and handsome in their photos. We are hoping to update the children’s pictures once they come in on Procare. As always thank you for allowing us to part of your children’s lives.

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    Summer 2019

    Summer Recap:


    Summer came a went and the children had so much fun! We were all exited our summer turned out to be packed with lots of fun. We had a new addition to our water play days; the slide provided a wonderful opportunity to concur some of the children’s fears. The children also played with giant bubbles and got to see and feel sea creatures. They also learned healthy tips from on of our parents who is a veterinarian. They all got to use a stethoscope and listen to their heart beats. The children also got to meet police officers from the Oceanside Police department, the police officers taught them about safety and about their occupation. We wrapped everything up by having an end of summer carnival, it was great seeing our families come in and participate in this yearly school activity. Thank you for the great summer we had, we can’t wait what our new school year will hold!

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    June 2019

    June Recap:


    This month has been filled with so much excitement! We started the month by celebrating the wonderful men in the lives of the children. The children were very excited to host their dads for donuts & coffee and hand out their presents. Secondly, we had graduation, the children who participate in the ceremony practiced very hard and tried their hardest to put on an amazing show for their parents. We were very sad to see them leave but are very proud of all their accomplishments. We hope we gave the children the tools they need to have a successful learning foundation. As always, we want to thank all the parents who were able to join us for the graduation, we hope everyone enjoyed themselves and drops by occasionally to say hello.

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    May 2019

    May Recap:


    In May the children had a fun time with the arrival of our butterflies, the children were able to view the life cycle of a butterfly. They also had lots of fun naming each caterpillar unique names. We were able to release the butterflies once they emerge from their chrysalis, some children were saddened from the departure but overall happy to see the butterflies fly off. Our Mother’s Day celebration was very fun! We were excited to have so many mommies join us, we hoped everyone loved their presents and enjoyed our little party.

    We were so excited to announced that we created a yearbook for the first time in SMA history! We spent lots of hours working on it and we hope would enjoy a small glimpse in your child’s time at school. As the editor-in-chief of the yearbook committee, Ms. Olivia would like to encourage every parent to consider buying a yearbook. The cost is $20 per book and we have a limited supply, so get yours today!

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    April 2019

    April Recap:


    In April we had lots of fun activities. First off, we finished the remodeling of our walking infant classroom. The children loved having so much room to work in and roam, the parents have also praised the size of the classroom. The teachers have created beautiful bulletin boards for arts and craft and other information. We’ve kept busy with the WOYC, the children loved making a special project every day. The children also loved our Spirit Week participation; the children and parents were very creative with their attire. We also got to celebrate Earth Day, the children learned about recycling and the benefits it has to our planet. The open house was also very successful with children able to show off their progress and work to their parents. Thank you, parents, for your constant participation and support.

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    March 2019

    March Recap:


    In March, we had lots of fun activities. We started the month off with a Dr. Seuss inspired spirit week, the children had lots of fun dressing up in their wacky outfits. The children were also able to see the migration of the butterflies from the south. The children really enjoyed running and seeing the butterflies flying around during their mid-morning outside play time, they were able to use their binoculars and safari hats! We were lucky that Ms. Penelope is from South Africa because she taught us many interesting facts and brought us many awesome treasures from her native land. To end off our month, we had the fun LOL photography come in and take pictures of our children in Old Hollywood attire.

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    February 2019

    February Recap:


    In February, the children enjoyed learning about the Lunar New Year’s and the year of Pig. They learned why many Asian countries celebrate the holiday and what it means in their culture. The children also enjoyed spending time with their friends and handing out their Valentines cards.

    As you all may know, we had in-service day on Feb. 15th, we had the opportunity to get information and resources on early childhood speech development. The teachers learned a lot and have extra available information if any parent is concern or wants to know more about speech development. We are also very pleased to have had opened our newest pre-primary classroom with Ms. Joy, all the children are excited about the new addition and materials they get to try out.

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  • 12/26/2018 - Samantha Roland 29 Comments
    January 2019

    January Recap:


    What a wonderful start of the year we had, we are very happy to welcome new faces to our school. The children have been adapting well to the teacher changes with Ms. Lauren’s departure and Ms. Rebecca’s return. The children have also enjoyed the new music wall that was purchased through our See’s Candy fundraiser we had last December. We once again thank all the parents who raised enough to give back to our school and children. As always, the children enjoy the enrichment programs, they are particularly very fond of art and cooking. For Spanish the children continued their monthly curriculum and learned about winter words in Spanish, as for computers they worked individually on their learning path.

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    December 2018

    December Recap:


    It was such a fun packed and successful December! First off, we’d like to thank our Santa for volunteering his time to bring joy to our children. Hope you enjoyed the pictures, we sure did have fun taking them. We also had so much fun seeing all our friends dressed up in their wonderful Spirit Week outfits. Thank you, parents who took time out of your busy schedule, and were able to join us for our Winter Holiday show and cookie decoration competition. Congratulations to those who won the gingerbread houses, we hope you enjoyed building them over you holiday break. As always, we hoped you enjoyed your winter break and we are glad to have you back.

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    November 2018

    November Recap:


    We had such a wonderful month this past November, thank you to all the parents who participated throughout these past few months. We still have many more events next month and we hope you can participate in those as well. We had such a nice turn out for our parent teacher conferences, let’s continue working with each other to help see our children grow and succeed. Also thank you for coming to our Harvest Feast potluck, we hoped you enjoyed your lunch time with your children and their classmates.

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    October 2018

    October Recap:


    We had such a wonderful official first month of fall. We are experiencing the weather changing and all the wonderful colors that come about with it. First, we want to thank all the parents who were a part of our successful book fair! We sold lots of books and received lots of new books for our classrooms, the children are all enjoying the books and the wonderful adventures hidden inside. We also appreciate every parent’s participation throughout our busy month, we hope everyone had as much fun as we had preparing everything. Thank you for making our first carnival a success! We can’t express how grateful we are as a school to have such caring and loving families.

     Thank you again for your consistent support, both in person and on social media. If you haven’t yet, please follow our Facebook, Instagram and twitter for pictures and information on upcoming events.

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    September 2018

    September Recap:


    What a wonderful start of the school year! The children are learning and having fun with all the new lessons and materials we’ve introduced. Since the re-launch of our social medias, the children are excited to get their picture taken so their families can see their work. We are very pleased with the number of parents who showed up to our Back to School Night. Thank you all who took the time to come in and see what to expect for the rest of the school year.

    The children are also very excited about the enrichment classes and the hands-on experience they are receiving, the classes are an addition learning tool to their daily curriculum. Remember to check the new Music course we’ve introduced on Thursdays where a music teacher comes in and shared her knowledge about the different instruments she plays.

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    Summer 2018

    Summer Recap:


    Hello families! We’ve had such a fun and wonderful summer!! We got to learn about so many new topics and got to experience so many new subjects. First off, we got to introduce new teachers to our school, but unfortunately, we also had to say goodbye to some. The children embraced all the new teachers with open arms and adapted well to the change. We’d also like to thank all our teachers for the hard work that they put into the summer to be eventful and super fun!

    We started by celebrating our great nation, its beginnings and history. We enjoyed water play days and bubble days, along with wonderful in-school field trips. The children also got to spend time and enjoy petting farm animals. We also explored the deep oceans and learned about the animals that live in the blue deep waters. They also got to dress like sport stars, get creative with their crazy hair & hats, and dress up in 80’s attire. With the amount of fun, we had this summer we got to it end all by learning about fitness and how to take care of our bodies, minds and soul.

    With the first day of school quickly approaching, we hope everyone will have a wonderful and successful school year.

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    June 2018

    June Recap


    What a lovely month we’ve had. We started off by celebrating our Dads, so thank you to all the Dads that were able to take time out of their busy schedules and visit our school. Our children’s faces were enlightened with joy to be able to present their songs and presents. We also had lots of fun preparing our school and Kindergarten/First Grade bound kids for another graduation. Congrats little ones! You’re off to bigger and better things, we will miss all of you, but it is time to spread your wings and continue to grow. Thank you for being part of our Stars family.

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    May 2018

    May Recap:


    The month of May was very full and exciting. Children learned about the Rainforest and South America. In addition, each classroom from Preprimary on up was able to watch the lifecycle of the butterfly in action with live caterpillars that munched and munched until they spun their chrysalis, where they stayed until ready to be a beautiful butterfly. After a few days in the classrooms as butterflies, each classroom released them on the playground. The children loved the experience! We will be looking for more opportunities in the future to watch the lifecycles of different animals in real life.

    Mother’s Day was a wonderful success. Thank you to all the moms who joined us for a small breakfast. Your children love your presence in the school on special days. Hopefully everyone enjoyed their gifts. Parent-Teacher conference were busy with many parents joining their children’s teachers for updates on how they are doing in the classroom and goals for the upcoming weeks and months. Parents went above and beyond for our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. Our staff are very dedicated to families and children and your appreciation of what they do is amazing.

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  • 04/05/2018 - Samantha Roland 0 Comments
    April 2018

    April Recap:


    Our school had been buzzing with excitement all month long! We started the month off by having our annual Egg hunt. We also had Week of the Young Child, in which we introduced songs, cooked awesome treats and did art work reflecting the worldwide celebration of our wonderful little ones.

    Thank you again for all the parents constant support while we transitioned into a new era here at Stars. Our kids are loving their new environments, and we get to utilize the surround space around our school. As always, we strive to provide the best for our families and the changes have had a positive influence on our children and school.  

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  • 03/07/2018 - Samantha Roland 0 Comments
    March 2018

    March Recap:


    March was a great month, we had Laugh Out Loud photography take pictures of the children. Most of the children loved dressing up and having a "Hollywood" style photo shoot. We also had our annual Spring Egg Hunt, thank you to all our parents who were able to join us and their children. Each classroom had lots of fun helping the staff prepare for the next class.

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    February 2018

    February Recap: 


    We had such a wonderful month, we saw our friends create new friendships and learn about differences in the world. They learned about different cultures and lifestyles that are carried from people’s homelands to our country. Our friends were very happy by simple gestures as receiving a small card from each of their classmates. The children learned about the Lunar New Year and although many cultures celebrate this holiday, each place puts a twist to their festivities. We are very excited for next month’s celebrations.

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    January 2018

    January Recap


    This year had started with a bang! We are so proud to welcome all out new friends and their families. We have a lot of events planned for this year, please make sure to check out our school calendar so you are in the loop. We have added new songs, art, and activities to our enrichment after school programs that children have enjoyed participating. We’ve also been able to upgrade our Walking Infant’s classroom, they love all the new add-ins and we love seeing their smiles.

    Here’s for a wonderful February.

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    December 2017

    December Recap


    This time of the year is packed with lots of fun activities. First, Santa came down from the North Pole to visit the children, it was a huge success! We would like to point out that the pictures might take a couple of days to get to you. Since the pictures are higher quality, the files are bigger and must email them one by one. Our holiday show was wonderful, all the parents loved seeing their little one dance and perform songs that they’ve practice for a while. Thank you to all the parents who participated in bringing items for the potluck.

    Stars would like to wish all our families a wonderful and safe Holiday break.

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    October 2017

    October Recap: This month was filled with so many wonderful activities for the children here at Stars. Our afternoon enrichment programs are off to a wonderful start. The children look forward each week to their cooking projects, Spanish lessons, computer lessons, art, and most of all their music class. The teacher’s do a wonderful job enhancing the children’s learning environments in our afternoon enrichment classes.
    Our Halloween Costume Parade was a wonderful success. It was so cute to see all the children in their adorable costumes as they paraded around our playground showing all their friends and families what they will be wearing as they go Trick-or-Treating. I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween.
    Fall Picture day is now complete. Please make sure you turn in your picture proofs no later than Thursday November 2nd 2017, to insure you will receive your child’s pictures before the Christmas break.
    We look forward to speaking to each one of you individually about your child’s progress during our Parent/Teacher conferences on November 8th and 9th, 2017. A reminder there will be no child care after 3pm on the conference days. Please make other childcare arrangements.
    Thank you and we look forward to a wonderful Holiday Season.

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    September 2017

    September Recap


    Hello Families,

    What a great start to the new school year. 

    Thank you to all the parent that attended our Back to School Night last month.  I hope all your questions were able to be answered and you were provided an overview of the upcoming school year.  If you were unable to attend our Back to School Night, feel free to speak with your child’s teacher individually or at Parent Teacher conferences in November.

    The children are so excited about our Costume Parade on October 31, 2017 from 9:30am to 10:30 am.  All parents are welcome to attend.  The children, even are babies, will march around they playground displaying their adorable costumes.

    Please mark your calendar for Picture Days which will be on October 25th-26th from 7:30am to 11:30am. 

    October 25th will be picture day for the Infants, Walkers, and Kindergarten.

    October 26th will be picture day for Pre-primary, Primary 1, and Primary 2.

    We are all looking forward to a wonderful fall season.

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  • 03/29/2016 - starsmontessoriacademy 0 Comments
    Site Launch

    Our new website is finally up. We’ve worked hard to get a beautiful new site ready and we’re proud to show it off. Thanks for reading our blog. We have lots of great blog posts in the works. Please check back or contact us now to find out how we can help you.


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