Summer 2018

Summer Recap:


Hello families! We’ve had such a fun and wonderful summer!! We got to learn about so many new topics and got to experience so many new subjects. First off, we got to introduce new teachers to our school, but unfortunately, we also had to say goodbye to some. The children embraced all the new teachers with open arms and adapted well to the change. We’d also like to thank all our teachers for the hard work that they put into the summer to be eventful and super fun!

We started by celebrating our great nation, its beginnings and history. We enjoyed water play days and bubble days, along with wonderful in-school field trips. The children also got to spend time and enjoy petting farm animals. We also explored the deep oceans and learned about the animals that live in the blue deep waters. They also got to dress like sport stars, get creative with their crazy hair & hats, and dress up in 80’s attire. With the amount of fun, we had this summer we got to it end all by learning about fitness and how to take care of our bodies, minds and soul.

With the first day of school quickly approaching, we hope everyone will have a wonderful and successful school year.

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