November 2019

November Recap:


Hello Parents, November was a fun filled month with many different events and activities. We started off with our Parent teacher conferences. We hoped that the teachers were able to answer the parent’s questions and concerns. Since our teachers spend a lot of time with the children, we hoped they were able to share each child’s individual growth and learning patterns for a successful school year. With the sun setting sooner, we’ve ended up splitting our friends into two classrooms. Room 5 will still be our closing room, but Room 3 was added to accommodate our Pre-Primary and Primary merge. In your child’s files, everyone received See’s Candy order forms, as stated in our previous emails, classes that sell the most will have a pizza party in the new year, we will start distributing the candies on Dec. 20th. We were all very pleased to see a lot of our parents participate and joining us for our Harvest Feast. 

As the month progressed, the children were very excited about the topics they learned in class. They learned all about "Harvest and Healthy Bodies". We heard many discussions about learning what foods helped them grow big and strong. For cooking enrichment, they created many healthy food recipes, one of their favorites were the pumpkin smoothies. The children also learned about USA and California, they learned about our traditions, cultures, and people. As part they learned about Thanksgiving and what it means to be thankful for what we have. The children also learned about giving thanks to people who have helped our community, like our Veterans and anyone who is serving our country. We can’t wait what fun the next month holds for us. 

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