June 2021

In May the children had a fun time with the arrival of our butterflies, the children were able to view the life cycle of a butterfly. They also had lots of fun naming each caterpillar unique names. We were able to release the butterflies once they emerge from their chrysalis, some children were saddened from the departure but overall happy to see the butterflies fly off. Our Mother’s Day celebration was very fun! We were excited to have so many mommies join us, we hoped everyone loved their presents and enjoyed our little party. Parent-Teacher conference were busy with many parents joining their children’s teachers for updates on how they are doing in the classroom and goals for the upcoming weeks and months. Parents went above and beyond for our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. Our staff are very dedicated to families and children and your appreciation of what they do is amazing.

Our teachers had a fun time teaching the children about the cycle of a butterfly.  The children enjoyed watching our caterpillars make their chrysalis and eventually turn into butterflies. The children also learned about different kinds of whales, their behaviors, and nick names. Did you know that the Beluga whale is known as the canary of the sea because of the beautiful sounds they make?  Or that the Narwal whale has a long tusk that is a protruding canine tooth and that their nick name is the unicorn of the sea? 

In June the children will be learning about Community Helpers and what makes them special. In the Primary classrooms the children will be learning about the wonderful state we live in, California. Students will get a chance to learn about the state flower, capital, and flag. The book for June will be The Little Red Hen by Paul Galdone. Some exciting events to look forward to this month is Donuts and Dads on June 18th from 9:15 to 9:45, Graduation 9:30 for Pre-K and 11:00 for Kindergarten, and lastly on June 30th during school the children will be able to participate in an Ice Cream Social.

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