January 2020

January Recap:


January was filled with so much fun and excitement. The children learned about winter animals and hibernation; the children were able to explore the lifestyles of polar bears, penguins, animals that hibernate, and animals that track the snow. The continent the children studied this month was Antarctica, they learned about the terrains, animal survival and icebergs. The children also learned that people do not inhabit the continent but instead visit the continent for scientific research. Our book of the month was "The Mitten" by Jan Brett.

For enrichment the children learned about Rodgers and Hammerstein’s most popular musical "The Sound of Music." For Spanish the children reviewed words they’ve already learned from the beginning of the school year to now. In computer class the children followed their self-paced curriculum through language and math. In art class the children created their own interpretation of Wessily Kandinsky’s famous work "Squares of Concentric Circles". Lastly, the children enjoyed cooking class, they created many different recipes in cooking class that were inspired by the animals of Antarctica.



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