February 2020

February Recap:  


February was filled with so much fun and excitement. The children learned about different cultures and were very excited to learn about the differences and similarities from each other. Everyone enjoyed the Valentine’s Day snack party. The children also learned about different Asian countries, traditions, and people. With the New Lunar Year celebrations being so important to many different people, the children read books about how the celebrations vary from Asian countries. 

For enrichment classes, the children all had fun making friendship wreath and Valentine themed rock art. For cooking the children created friendship fruit salad and trail mix and learned Spanish vocabulary about "Día del Amor y Amistad". For music the children listen to music from different Asian countries, including, China, Japan and Russia. Thank you, parents, for coming in for our Open House, we were very happy to see everyone enjoy their time with their child and learn what they learn throughout the day. We are all excited for the adventures that are in store for us in the coming weeks.

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