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Summer RecapWhat a fun and exciting summer we’ve had at Stars, we created and experienced many wonderful things. We started off with water days that included lots of bubbles and soaking up the sun. Throughout the course of these past months, we’ve created summer-themed crafts. We painted rocks as individual as ourselves and placed them in the garden path of our school amongst our older peers’ painted rocks. We have also learned how to wash and rinse objects and have nearly mastered cleaning up after ourselves when we are done eating. The children have loved all the in-house field trips we’ve had, we created lots of wonderful memories and were excited to start our new school year.

September 2019

September RecapIn September, we learned more about our country, the days of the week, and the planets. We learned and explored our solar system, its inhabitants, and the nation we live in. We made our very own telescopes and clothes pins to take home, as well as crafty hand-kites! Our toddler refreshed their knowledge on their colors, shapes, and words. We have been thoroughly practicing our scooping, and pouring skills using a variety of new materials we received. We have cheerfully finished off our month and revving up for the fall season.

October 2019

October RecapIn October, we were able to celebrate all the spookiness and fall season had to offer. We made several Halloween themed art projects; including spiders, ghosts, and creepy crawling spiders! As the month came to an end, we created our own Trick-o-Treat bags, we enjoyed making them. The children also loved the Halloween parade, they all looked very cute in their costumes!  For curriculum, our toddlers worked diligently practicing their scooping, sweeping, and wiping up their areas after working or eating. Most of our friends have been able to almost do these daily tasks on their own with little to no help. One can see the pride they have when finishing their task. We will continue to add on to their daily activities in the upcoming months. 

November 2019

November Recap:   November was all about healthy bodies, harvesting, and giving thanks. Throughout the month we talked about the benefits of thankfulness, our efforts, and our kindness to others. We continuously worked on our expression of love and thanks, as well as our general manners. We have learned about scooping and serving, as well as trying to help others before helping ourselves. For instance, one of our activities is having friends bring classmates their waters, dishes, and/or utensils to better understand the concept of helping. The children took turns and they all loved being little helpers. We also learned what types foods help our bodies grow, and how we harvest the food to eat.  For Art, we created the world’s cutest hand-turkeys, hand-print leaves for the festivity of fall, and corn on the Cobb feet—the perfect Thanksgiving medley. For our Harvest Feast, we sent home a T hanksgiving treats, we hoped you all enjoyed it. Our class had lots of fun and we were happy to see all the parents come by and join us for lunch.   

December 2019

December Recap:  December was all about winter wonderland with our toddlers. We got into the holiday spirit by practicing and decorating our classroom. We learned all about the frost winters, holidays celebrations around the world, and snowmen. Throughout our ever-growing skills, the children practiced their practical life and sensorial life skills. Our Toddlers also learned to practice name recognition due to the colorful labels we created together to put on their cubbies. For our Winter Holiday show we exchanged presents among the children. Everyone participated and we all had a fun time. We hoped everyone enjoyed our rendition of Jingle Bells and the Reindeer pokey. Everyone looked their best, we were happy to see many of our parents attend. Thank you parents for everything you do, we hoped you had a fun and relaxing winter break.

January 2020

January Recap:   In the month of January, we studied and discussed “Winter Animals and Hibernation”.  The children learned about animals that sleep through the winter and those that migrate to other places. We talked about the different homes that animals have in winter, such as the bear’s cave and what animals do to prepare their bodies for a very long nap. We read the book “The Mitten” by Jan Brett giving the children examples of various animals that hibernate in winter. In culture/science we had a “hibernation box” in which the children could explore a bear sleeping in a cave.  Language included sound trays with the letters; o, p, q, and r for the children to practice their letter sounds. With many new materials in our Practical Life area of our classroom the children learned how to pour, use a broom and dustpan, and strengthened their fine motor skills with a beading activity, to name a few examples. In the math we used numbers and snowflake counters to count to 5, learning to recognize symbols and quantities. In geography we sang the continent song and worked with our continent puzzle. The emphasis this month was on Antarctica including the weather and animals that live there.

February 2020

February Recap:   In February our theme was Friendship and Cultural Awareness. Throughout the month we had many conversations regarding how we should treat each other. In circle time we discussed that we are all friends no matter our differences. We read many books about friendship, the children especially enjoyed reading Little blue and Little Yellow. We all worked together to create a beautiful friendship tree that is on display in the classroom with all the children’s handprints. In the Science and Culture section of our classroom the children explored pictures of other children from every continent and their different lifestyles. Along with that, the children have had the opportunity to work with various materials focused on the continent Asia including parts of a panda and landmarks of Asia. We explored the colored globe and the sandpaper globe; the children were introduced to the continent song. For language, the children worked on Valentine’s Day themed materials. The children all enjoyed taking turns using Ms. Colleen’s umbrella to sing the Umbrella Song and learn about the letter sound “u”. The Practical Life shelves were filled with hearts and colors pink, red, and purple. We focused on using fine motor skills to weave ribbons and scoop heart shaped pasta. Thank you to each family for participating in our Valentine’s Day celebration making it very special for everyone.  

March 2020

March News:   In March we will be focusing on the continent of South America and Rainforests. We will not only be discussing what a rainforest is but also the types of animals that live there and how important the rainforest is for the whole world. With St. Patrick’s Day coming up we will be celebrating by making colorful art to display in the classroom. We will be discussing the changing of the seasons with the beginning of Spring on March 20th. During circle time we will be discussing the weather in Spring and what happens to the world around us when the weather starts warming up and the plants begin to grow. In the language section we will be discovering letter sounds w, x, y, and z. Thank you parents, if you have any questions please let me know.

The Montessori Method

“I did not know much about the Montessori  method.  As I learned more, I was surprised how it works! Kids were always busy learning and exploring!  My son was actually sitting and learning and enjoying!”


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