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Summer Recap: These summer months have been full of amazing and wonderful learning activities for our Walker class. We learned about underwater life, the seas and oceans themselves, as well as animals from land who inhabit them. Our water days have been a splashing success! Bubble Mania was the highlighted event over the course of this summer, the kids learned a lot about science and the dimensions and forms the bubbles can take, as well as the concept of elasticity and expansion–all key concepts for their later, learning years. Not only were we painted on–We painted and crafted the things that we’ve learned about from these aspects of our Earth, and we have many more art projects to do together. We’ve thoroughly covered all our primary basis such as shapes and colors this past month. We focused on the sphere, and the circle in relation to our Earth and globe, and the colors blue and green for the basis of our environment. We have practice cleaning up after ourselves, self-help skills, as well as continuous practice of Montessori details; using trays for our work and bringing them to the table, wiping up our messes when we make them, unrolling and re-rolling work rugs etc. We are covering many things, and we’re going to cover many more topics over the next month. Over the month of August, we’re learning about the animals that live among us on land. Farm animals, zoo animals, all animals are going to be covered and spoken about over this next month in our class. From crafting paper plate cows, to chicken hands, and foot corns– our walkers are bound to learn so many new things about what we share the earth with. We practice “old MacDonald had a farm” daily, as well as so many other songs the kids know and love. Their practice of coordination to music improves every day. Lately, Circle time has ranged from at least 35 minutes up to an entire hour, so we have had a ton of time to improve our dancing and singing skills! We are a little sad to see the summer end so soon, but we’re excited for what the fall, and the other seasons will hold for us in this class!

September 2018

September Recap: Over the course of the month, the Walker class has been busy learning all about ourselves. Our bodies, families, friends, school and how it all ties together. Through various art projects; such as, hand and body outlines, our fingerprint family, and our family tree projects has been a reminder on those that we love and value. Our main colors of focus have been red, blue, yellow, and green. We have been performing various exercises to reinforce color recognition, memorization is very valuable even in these young ages. We have been learning and practicing several songs such as Head and Shoulders, The More We Get Together, and our Alphabet Song. Most of the kids can now sing some of their ABC’s! We also want to prepare our children who are moving up to the Pre-Primary class by having them start working on work rugs. We look forward to continuing learning about ourselves and others! In the Infant class room, September was filled with many art activities. We focused mostly on All about Me projects, this included activities about each child’s unique characteristics and what they like and don’t like. For example, we did an art project that is called Palm Tree Hands. We used the children’s hands to create the leaves of the palm tree and wrote a quote that matches their personality. Another art activity we did was Our Little Picasso’s. This art activity allowed the children to express their artistic abilities by painting freely. Although they are little, they still have a lot of personality and they are all unique.

October 2018

October Recap: Our infant and walker class has had many fun activities throughout the month of October. Each activity has focused on our five senses. We’ve combined the teaching aspect to our creative aspects for each project we’ve done for the month. It’s by far our favorite holiday, Ms. Keara and Ms. Yuni have gone above and beyond with all the art work hanging on our wonderful walls. Both the Infant class and Walker class have learned many new songs such as; 5-little pumpkins, Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes (Halloween edition) and 3-Little Ghosts. The colors we’ve focused on were orange, red, black and yellow. We’ve also created art pieces and learned about our solar system, along with learning about being fire smart and safety if we ever encounter a fire.

November 2018

November Recap: In the beautiful fall month of November, the Infant and Walker classrooms learned about what we are thankful for in life. During circle time we read the book Fill my Bucket, it taught us how to be kind and courteous to others. Even though our children are very young, we loved teaching them about treating everyone with kindness. We had them start to practice how to clean up after themselves, most weren’t successful, but we kept working on it. For art, the children created turkeys out of their hand prints and practiced how to say, ‘thank you’. The walkers and infants had lots of fun during our Thanksgiving potluck, they made sure to fill their tummies with all the yummy food the parents provided. We loved seeing all the parents who took time out of their busy schedule to visit us during their lunch time.

December 2018

December RecapIn the month of December, both infant and walking infant classrooms focused on being grateful and trying to help others. We read many different books about the holiday celebrations and about giving to other’s less fortunate. We created beautiful art work with both our feet and hands, our favorite was the Grinch art work. As more babies start moving up to our walking infant class, we started to merge both classrooms often. The babies and walkers all love being with each other, the older one’s love helping and playing with their “babies”. Thank you, parents, for attending our Winter Holiday show, we enjoyed mingling with everyone. We hoped that everyone had a wonderful winter break.

January 2019

January RecapIn January, we learned so many things about the Arctic, winter animals, snow, hibernation and migration. We also learned about the weather changes and the environment around this time of the year. Besides the animals, our favorite topic was about learning the uniqueness of snowflakes and working on making our animal collages. We practiced our sensory and self-help skills with our Montessori works and materials. As the month progressed, we said good-bye to friends, but we are very happy to have welcomed new classmates. 

February 2019

February ReapDuring the rainy month of February, we learned about the world and our seasons with our Walker class. We talked about the clouds and the different shapes the form into and depending on what the sky tells us we could figure out what type of weather we would have that day. Throughout the month we focused on sensory; touch and feel, sounds of rain, lighting and thunder, and smell. We continued our review of animals, colors and shapes. We also practiced on self-care, cleaning our areas, and rolling and putting away our rugs. The children created lots of wonderful new art work for our walls, we also put up a family tree and enjoyed receiving lots of family pictures to include.

March 2019

March RecapIn March, we learned about the African Savanna, African animals, and Dr. Seuss. We created many different art activities such as shamrocks, leprechauns, and Dr. Seuss inspired art. The children really liked our Lorax painting. During circle time we learned the sounds of elephants, lions and zebras. The children really enjoyed mimicking the noises and animal walks, just like our book Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes by Eric Carle. We continued to work on our color recognition, the children really liked all the colors we’ve been seeing outside. With the recent rains the flowers started to bloom and make our outside play area look pretty.  

April 2019

April RecapIn April, we were all excited to start the month of with a newly remodeled classroom! The children enjoy having more space to roam around and to do their Montessori work. The children learned about islands, volcanoes, and Australia. The children had lots of fun learning the song Slippery fish and Tiny Tim, while we showed them were the animals lived in the coral reef. During the Week Of The Young Child, the children created projects every day. Our favorite part was the Family Tree we loved how creative the parents got with their trees. Another wonderful highlight of our month was the Easter egg hunt, the children loved finding the eggs around our playground. We had such a wonderful month and hope to continue the trend into May.

May 2019

May RecapOver the course of May, we have learned many things in the Toddler’s Class. We have learned new songs, dances, parts of the body, and self-help skills.  We studied about caterpillars, chrysalis, and butterflies. Along with the transformation, we learned about nature and the weather we experience this time of year. We continued to learn to be gentle with our friends, respect the space of others and ourselves, as well as cleaning up after ourselves. We kept on practicing our colors and number recognition. We had such a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration; we were happy to see our loving mothers received their personalized ornaments and laminated footprint-heart card.  We would like to thank every parent who participated in teacher appreciation week!  The toddler teachers felt loved and appreciated.

June 2019

June RecapJune gloom didn’t get us down here at Stars! We learned all about sensorial activities which included mixing color dye and shaving cream (non-toxic of course), learning to apply sunscreen, brushing our teeth, as well as learning how to blow on our hot meals before eating. With the weather being so fickle we are learning about the different types of climate, especially the sun and clouds. We learned new songs and dance moves every day. The children had fun making their Father’s Day present and had fun having some dads come in to have donuts with them. The children reviewed their colors and shapes all month long. They were very excited to start the summer program.

Summer 2019

Summer NewsThe walkers are very excited to get the summer activities underway. We will be focusing on different curriculums every other week. We will start the summer by celebrating our country. We will then study and learn about Outer space, under sea life, down by the farm, and other fun bi-weekly themes. We will also be able to participate in the in-house field trips that include magicians, Birch mobile aquarium, bubble mania, and so much more! We will also be having water play days where children will play in the kiddie pools and water toys. As always, we ask for parents to apply sunscreen in the morning and we will reapply in the afternoon. We are lucky to have lots of shade in our area but the children still get exposed to the sun rays. Thank you!

The Montessori Method

“I did not know much about the Montessori  method.  As I learned more, I was surprised how it works! Kids were always busy learning and exploring!  My son was actually sitting and learning and enjoying!”


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