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Summer RecapWhat an amazing summer we had in Primary 5! The children really enjoyed all the fun themes we explored especially; underwater, outer space, and farm life. The children really enjoyed all our in-house field trips. They were able to feel aquatic animals from the mobile Birch Aquarium, also they were able to hear the heartbeat of a dog and cat when a veterinarian came in to teach us about his work. Another high point from our summertime was when the Oceanside Police Department came in to give us some safety tips and allow us to sit in their police cruiser. A favorite highlight was the Water Slide Days which gave us all some much-needed relief from the summer heat. All the children enjoyed cooling down in the splash pools and on the inflatable water slide. As the summer progressed, we were lucky to have an abundance of monarch caterpillars on the two milkweed plants on the playground. The children have enjoyed watching the butterfly life cycle repeated right in front of their eyes which has kept the excitement from our Spring classroom butterfly project. Over the summer we also welcomed a teacher, Ms. Cierra and some new students to our caring classroom community. We ended our summer fun with a school carnival, the children had so much fun and we are all eager to begin our new school year.

September 2019

September RecapWe had a great start to the new school year in Primary 5. We spent some time getting to know what makes each of us so special and unique. We also reviewed our class routines and expectations to ensure that we start the year off in the best possible way. Our book of the month was The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. The children enjoyed the sweet story of Chester and his mom staying connected while he was at school. Many new friends appreciated the story because they could relate. We’ve also learned about the seven continents and land versus ocean, to help them memorize everything, we’ve practiced the very catchy Continents Song. In science the children enjoyed hands on activities which explore magnetism and buoyancy. A classroom favorite was attempting to make a magnetic paperclip chain using a magnetic wand. In botany we learned about the apple lifecycle and even got to cook with apples during cooking class. The children were also introduced to 2 classroom pets, hermit crabs. As a class, we named them Peaches and Pickles. Having classroom pets is a great way to introduce taking care of living things, observation skills, and have the children take turns doing the tasks required to keep our crab friends happy and healthy. A big thank you to everyone who attended our Back to School night. This was a valuable chance to share important classroom and school procedures with all of you. If you missed the event, please look for handouts in your child’s file folder. Ms. Cierra and I are grateful for the opportunity to help your children grow and learn this year and are looking forward to a fun school year ahead.

October 2019

October RecapIn October, we continued our discussing of fall and fall themes, we read the book We are Going on a Leaf Hunt throughout the month. The children really enjoyed this book, we even went leaf hunting in our playground. Along with learning about fall, we also discussed about our different emotions and five (5) senses. We learned about hot and cold, about the life cycle of a pumpkin, and about the Halloween celebrations. The children really enjoyed making fall and Halloween themed work in the classroom.   We learned the importance of Fire Safety Week with different tips and procedures we can implement at home. Thank you to everyone who bought books at the book fair as a portion of each sale comes back to the school. The Halloween parade is always an eagerly anticipated event, the children enjoyed showing off their fun costumes to each other and all the parents. 

November 2019

November Recap:   November’s theme was “Harvest and Healthy Bodies”. We learned about good nutrition, eating healthy foods that help our bodies grow, and healthy habits like getting enough sleep. The children were introduced to the food pyramid, eating the rainbow (eating foods of different colors) and healthy portions. In Geography, we learned about what makes the USA special, we learned about the flag, and sang the “Fifty-Nifty United States song.” In Science, we worked on mixing the primary colors and shades of colors. In Zoology, we learned about the parts of the bird and focused on the bald eagle and the turkey which are both native to the United States. Our book of the month was Fill a Bucketby Carol McCloud which introduced the children to the concept that being kind fills up our own internal buckets as well as those of the people around us. This tied in well with our preparation for Thanksgiving and discussing all the things that we were thankful for in our lives. In honor of Veterans Day, we were very fortunate to have one of our student’s mom who serves in the Navy, come and talk to the children about her job. It was wonderful to have her talk to the children about the different ways that service men and women past and present help to keep us safe. We’d like to thank all the parents who came to parent teacher conferences, it was great to share the children’s progress and come up with goals for future learning.   November’s Enrichments enhanced the children’s learning in a fun and hands on way. In art, the children explored Jackson Pollock’s splatter technique while making a leaf mobile. In music, the children learned about Ludwig van Beethoven and learned some fun seasonal songs for Thanksgiving. In cooking, the children made various seasonally themed dishes including pumpkin rice krispies treats and pumpkin pie smoothies. In computers, the children worked with their own curriculum, while in Spanish, the children were introduced to the months of the year, body parts, harvest and food vocabulary. 

December 2019

December Recap:  December’s theme was “Seasons and Holidays”. We learned about different holiday traditions from around the world including Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Diwali. We discussed how even though the celebrations are different many share the common themes of spending time together with family, decorations, and gifts. In geography we explored the continent of Europe and learned more about famous European landmarks, animals, and some of the European flags. The children really enjoyed the hands-on exploration of a set of Russian nesting dolls. Not only was this a meaningful way to explore a part of the Russian culture but it was also a fun way to learn about size progression and sequencing. In zoology we focused on the parts of a horse and a reindeer, the children had the opportunity to make their own parts of a horse book. Our book for December was “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein, which was a wonderful way to introduce the theme of giving to others, especially during the Holidays. Thank you to everyone who generously donated items for the School’s Giving Tree in the lobby. Your donations helped to brighten the holidays for some very deserving children. Our class enjoyed making several seasonal art projects throughout December, the highlight of which was carefully handcrafting their holiday gifts for you. We hope you enjoyed their efforts and that it becomes a treasured keepsake. The children worked hard practicing the songs for the winter show. It was such fun to watch their progress while they learned the songs. December’s enrichments enhanced the children’s learning in a variety of fun ways. In cooking the children made cute celery reindeer, strawberry banana Santa’s, parmesan zucchini bites, and for a bonus we helped prepare the cookies for the holiday show. In art the children learned about Van Gogh and expressed their creativity in a variety of ways. In music the children learned and sang several holiday songs. In Spanish the children learned new holiday vocabulary, while in computers the children continued with their own individualized and interactive curriculum.

January 2020

January Recap:  We started off the new year jumping right into the theme for January, which was “Winter Animals & Hibernation”. In zoology we learnt a lot of interesting things about penguins and polar bears and what makes them so well adapted to living in the places that they do. The children enjoyed learning the parts of the penguin and making their own parts of a penguin booklet. We explored hibernation through circle time discussions, books, songs, and work on the classroom shelves. We learnt that some animals hibernate while others migrate. The continent we focused on for January was Antarctica and the children learned all about this unique continent’s terrain, specialized snow/ice vehicles, and the scientists who live and work there. In science the children enjoyed doing several hands-on activities to explore ice, snow, and we even made our own icebergs! Our featured book for January was “The Mitten” by Jan Brett. We read this wonderfully illustrated book several times throughout the month and had language work on the shelves based on the animals and characters in the book which helped to further strengthen the children’s comprehension and vocabulary. January’s enrichments enhanced the children’s learning in a variety of fun ways. In cooking the children made mozzarella & olive penguins, polar bear paw print snacks, and teddy bear trail mix. In art the children learned about Wessily Kandinsky and made their own masterpieces and winter themed rock art. In music the children learned about and sang songs from The Sound of Music. In Spanish the children reviewed what they learnt during the first half of the school year, while in computers the children continued with their own individualized and interactive curriculum.

February 2020

February Recap:   February was another month filled with learning as we explored the themes of “Cultural Awareness & Friendship”. In Zoology, we learnt a lot of interesting facts about panda bears, silkworms, and tigers. Several of the children made their own parts of the panda bear book, working diligently to color each page and cut them out. The continent which we focused on was Asia and we had fun learning about some of the famous Asian Landmarks and celebrations such as Chinese Lunar New Year. We enjoyed learning more about some of the different cultures amongst our classroom families. Our featured book of the month was Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni which we enjoyed reading several times throughout the month. We used our circle time to discuss what friendship means as well as coming up with ways to be a good and caring friend. A big highlight of the month was our Valentines celebration. The children worked hard to decorate their bags to collect their Valentines in, and we had a lot of fun exchanging cards and treats. We also really enjoyed working together to make our yummy Friendship Trail Mix Snack. A big thank you to all the families who sent in donations of ingredients to make that possible.  February’s enrichments served to further enhance the curriculum themes. In cooking the children used their cutting skills and made friendship fruit salad, sunbutter and jelly sushi roll ups, and friendship trail mix. In art, the children made a heart themed dot painting and Valentine heart rock art. In music the children listened to various Asian influenced music and danced the dragon dance. In Spanish the children focused on lessons and vocabulary related to friendship. In computers the children continued with their personalized curriculum.

March 2020

March News:   March’s theme is “Rainforests and South America” and we are excited to learn all about these unique ecosystems. In Geography we will be focusing on the continent of South America and the countries within the continent. In Zoology, we will be learning about many of the unique species that live in the rainforest including sloths, jaguars, morpho butterflies, birds and insects. March 2nd is Dr Seuss’ birthday; we will be celebrating by reading his books throughout the month. There is no single featured book for March as Dr Seuss wrote so many wonderful books. The children are encouraged to bring in their favorite Dr Seuss books to share each Friday in March. We will also celebrate St Patrick’s Day, March 17th. Highlights of the enrichments for March will include making healthy shamrock shakes and Dr. Seuss kabobs, making a Cat in the Hat in art with Ms. Andrea, learning the samba in music class, exploring South American culture in Spanish, and continuing with their personalized curriculum in computers and all the plants and animals that live there.

The Montessori Method

“I did not know much about the Montessori  method.  As I learned more, I was surprised how it works! Kids were always busy learning and exploring!  My son was actually sitting and learning and enjoying!”


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