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Summer RecapThis summer we had fun in the sun, learned about scientific processes of animals, as well as our fun community around us. We enjoyed learning about the science of bubbles and the importance of water conservation, as well as water play. The heat wave did not take away our fun or keep us from playing in the water and learning about sun safety. In the classroom, we continued to have fun with art projects and music; we also continue to learn about caring for our materials and each other while creating a peaceful environment for ourselves and our friends. As school starts in September, we will hold close these themes while practicing grace, courtesy, and respect for our learning environment. The children are learning the importance of individual work and playtime outside and during our daily Circle Time practice. Please encourage your child and their learning process and continue to encourage the appreciation of the environments around them. Our September is entitled “All about Me!”– a wonderful opportunity for all the students to share about themselves, their families, and learn the importance of taking care of oneself. Our Montessori lessons will involve self-care, care of the environment, and we will be beginning our geography unit.

September 2018

September RecapIn September we started school peacefully and happily, our classroom is coming together, and we are consistently practicing our theme of Grace and Courtesy. We want to be the best versions of ourselves this school year. All about me, and how we behaive in the classroom is a big part of school as well as the Montessori Philosophy. Please, Thank You and following the guidelines are a great way we learn how to respect our peers and school. We also focused on how we treat the materials and why they are useful and important. Of course, it has not been all rules and management of classroom. We also have been having fun learning about each other, about our uniqueness and about our families. For geography we learned about the Globe, Land and Water; What makes us be able to live on land or water. This is such a fun and interesting discussion and something we look forward continuing our lesson throughout the year. For the Arts we explored Jackson Pollack and the world of Action art, we learned that movement and color can create beautiful things. During lunch we listened to Johan Sebastian Bach and played freeze dance to explore the differences in music and tempo.

October 2018

October RecapHello Fall! This past month we have started our lesson by blasting into space and learning about the planets in our Solar System. We’ve been practicing lining up, having to be responsible for ourselves and our space, and being respectable to each other. As we started to explore space and dig into the earth’s layers we learned why our Earth is livable compared to the other planets. We received a wonderful book from our Book Fair about the planets and we learned wonderful facts about every planet. We’ve also added cubbies to our classroom, please make sure to check them daily for any soiled clothing or out of season clothing. It was awesome to see our parents attending our Halloween Costume Parade and our Harvest Carnival. Thank you again to all of you for being wonderful parents.

November 2018

November RecapWe had lots to be thankful for in Primary 1 as we approached Thanksgiving. Our class continued to grow and work together as a caring community. On election day, we did our own class election to vote on a book to read at circle time. Each child casted their vote and received a “voting” sticker. It was fun to see how seriously some of the children took making their choice. Thank you to all the parents who attended Parent Teacher conferences. It was valuable to gain more insight into our amazing students and come up with goals to work on in the coming months. Our book of the month was To Fill a Bucket, we learned how kindness and caring fills us up and those around us. We also learned about the USA and some things that make where we live so special.

December 2018

December RecapDecember was another busy month for our class. We learned about the continent of Europe and their customs and holiday celebrations. How they celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas differently from us. We also learned about reindeer and horses, how they are similar and the terms and parts of each animal. The children also worked hard on hand-crafting holiday gifts and exploring their creativity through painting. We enjoyed a visit from Santa and a class pizza party for being the top selling class for the See’s candy fundraiser. Thank you for all your efforts! The children practiced and worked diligently to learn the songs for the Winter Holiday Show, they were very excited to perform for their families. We thank you for staying with us to decorate cookies and drink hot chocolate. Congratulation to those who won. We hope you had a great winter break.

January 2019

January RecapJanuary was a busy and productive month. We started off the new year with new floors and a redesigned classroom layout, which allowed for more learning opportunities to be presented to the children. We were pleased to add several new students who settled in nicely and became a welcoming addition to our caring classroom community. For last month, we explored the theme of Winter, Ice and Snow. We learned about the Arctic and Antarctica. We learned about their animals particularly about polar bears, penguins, and hibernation. The children enjoyed exploring several fun, hands-on learning activities including; snowman slime, iceberg melts, and shaving cream sensory play with penguins.

February 2019

February ReapFebruary was another busy month in Primary 1. Despite several rainy days, we made the most of our time inside making projects and learning. We’ve explored the themes of Cultural Awareness and Friendship building. The children were really fascinated about panda bears, Asian elephants, bamboo, famous Asian landmarks, and learning about several flags of Asian countries. The children particularly enjoyed learning about Chinese Lunar New Year, dragon dances and celebrating the beginning of the Year of the Pig. We discussed about cultural awareness and friendship, how to be a good friend and doing various Valentines related art projects and activities. The children enjoyed our Valentine’s Day Friendship snack and passing out valentines to each other. Thank you for sending in yummy treats for the children.

March 2019

March RecapIn March we started off the month by celebrating Dr. Seuss with a week full of daily themed activities. It was a lot of fun dressing up and reading so many great books! The children have enjoyed learning all about Africa; yjr animals, people, and culture. I enjoyed bringing in items from home to show our children about Africa, we got to listen to African music and the different languages that people use. The children also learned how to make African inspired food and treats. They learned how to say the animals in Spanish and created wonderful art projects to take home. Thank you for sending in toilet paper holder rolls. The kids enjoyed using them to make binoculars and take a closer look at the world around us. Keep sending them in as we will have other projects to use them for.

April 2019

April RecapIn April, we enjoyed the warmer weather and all that comes with Spring. We’ve explored the themes of Islands and Volcanoes and learned about Australia. The children were fascinated by the unique wildlife of Australia and we learned lots of interesting facts about marsupials, monotremes (egg laying mammals; like the platypus and echidna), kangaroos and turtles. We did some fun spring themed art projects and even tried Aboriginal dot painting. The children learned how Australia is a big island that was created by volcanoes. They also learned that many of the islands in the world were once active volcanoes, some are still erupting while others lay dormant. The children also learned a lot about the sea creates that live off the Australian coast and named the Great Barrier Reef as their stomping grounds. We finished the month with a bang by having so much fun in our egg hunt.

May 2019

May RecapMay was a marvelous month for Primary 5, as our students continued to grow and learn together! The children learned so much about whales, butterflies, South America, and migration. We enjoyed watching our 5 caterpillar friends (Dinky, Frankie, Griffy, Chunky, and Katjia -names chosen and voted on by the class) grow and turn into chrysalises. The children observed the changes each day and making predictions about which one will emerge as a butterfly first. Some children were saddened to see the butterflies leave, but we were very excited to see them fly off. Another animal that takes part of migration, we learned about the uniqueness of a whale and how their patterns differ from a butterfly. The children also worked very hard on their Mother’s Day gifts and were so happy to have hosted all the moms at our Mother’s Day Tea. Ms. Karen and I would like to thank the parents for all the gifts we received during the teacher appreciation week. We felt very special and loved. I’d like to extend my thanks for taking the time to attend the parent/ teacher conferences, this way we ensured a partnership between home and school to help your child grow.

June 2019

June RecapIn June, the children enjoyed learning all about the community helpers and what an important role they play in keeping us all safe and healthy. We read several books about different community helpers and had a lot of interesting circle time discussions. We also learned all about California, the Gold Rush, the flag, the state capital, state bird (California), state tree (redwood), and state flower (California poppy). Thank you to all the Dad’s and Grandpa’s that joined us for our Donuts with Daddy celebration. The children really enjoyed spending special time with you and sharing the gifts that they made for you. On 6/27 our class bid farewell to our four classmates who are Kindergarten graduates and started their new adventure. We will miss Elijah, Evelyn, Kai, and Thiago and wish them all the best!

Summer 2019

Summer NewsJuly kicks off our fun filled summer camp. With a variety of weekly themes (Party in the USA, Underwater Adventures, Outer Space, down on the farm, Spirit Week, and Fitness Fun), we will be having several in-house school field trips. Some highlights include 4 water slide days, Birch Aquarium, Bubble Mania, and a Magic Show. Just a reminder, please make sure to apply sunscreen on your child in the morning time, we will reapply for the afternoon outside times. Also check your child’s cubby to make sure they have weather appropriate clothing for the summertime. We will be ending the summer off with a carnival! Make sure to keep an eye out for more details.

The Montessori Method

“I did not know much about the Montessori  method.  As I learned more, I was surprised how it works! Kids were always busy learning and exploring!  My son was actually sitting and learning and enjoying!”


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