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Summer RecapWow! What a fun summer, we had such a fantastic time. We learned about many different topics ranging from the celebrations of Fourth of July, to outer space. The children were able to touch and learn about sea animals and sea life, we also were lucky to have a veterinarian come in and visit our school and teach us about our pets. Afterwards, we studied about farm life and learned about all the animals that live there and how food that we get at the grocery store comes from a farm.

September 2019

September RecapIn September, the children enjoyed learning about the seven continents, All about Me topic, what makes them unique and similar. The children also started learning the continent song and learned that we live in North America (the orange continent on the Montessori colored globe). For art we did simple art projects like painting our very own yellow school bus and discussed why we come to school. We talked about how each one of us has our own family and how everyone’s family is different but that our family is special to each of us. We learned about having friends and how we treat our friends. How we have different feelings like sad, happy, mad, and empathy towards one another. We also learned that we are all not the same but that’s okay. During circle we read the book It’s okay to be Different, it’s a great read and the children really liked it. We also practiced our letter sounds a, b, c, and d. We can’t wait to start learning about the new season and all the comes with it.

October 2019

October RecapIn October, we enjoyed learning all about our five senses. We discussed on how we use our hands, eyes, mouth, ears, and nose for everyday activities. One of our favorite activity we used was touching and smelling our pumpkin spice playdough. We got to carve a pumpkin and feel the slimy seeds inside, as we craved, we talked about the life cycle of a pumpkin. For our enrichment classes we made apple sauce, the children loved cutting the apples but especially loved eating what they made. The children also created a fun “Autumn” sign to take home and display for the fall season, they decorated it with different colors, they loved this activity!  We also learned about North America, however, we mostly focused on our city, county, and state. For art, we painted leaves with watercolors, made pumpkin dot art, and made scary monsters and ghosts for the children to take home. We finished the month off with a fun costume parade, we loved seeing all our friend’s fun and interesting costumes. We can’t wait to see what November holds. 

November 2019

November Recap:   In November, we explored and learned all about “Harvest and Healthy Bodies”. We talked about healthy foods that we can eat to help our bodies grow healthy and strong, like fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, and milk. We also talked about how important exercising and getting enough sleep is vital for our growing bodies. We learned about the different parts of our bodies like the nervous system, muscular system, and skeletal system, the children were amazed how our bodies function. In Botany, we learned about the parts of a pumpkin and apple as well as the life cycles of the fruits. We learned about harvest and how different fruits and vegetables are ready to be picked in the fall like; apples, pumpkins, squash, cabbage, and potatoes to name a few. Part of our art included collecting leaves from our play area and making a leaf collage. In Geography, we learned all about the United States of America and California. We talked a little bit about animals that call this place home, the people, and traditions that make our country great. In Language, we practiced the letter sounds for the letters i, j, and k. The book of the month was “Fill a Bucket” by Carol McCloud. We talked about how we should be kind and caring to others to help fill their buckets and that when we fill their buckets our buckets will also be filled. We also learned how Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and learned about what everyone is thankful for in our class. As a bonus, we made Thanksgiving placemats to use at our Thanksgiving feast.  For our pre-primary November enrichment, the children made lemon bars. The children got to zest, peel, and juice the lemons to make the yummy treats. We also did some yoga and music & movement to help our bodies and mind be healthy and strong. The children also painted fruits and vegetables that we ate during Thanksgiving dinner, and lastly, we continued practicing our sign language. 

December 2019

December RecapDecember was all about “Seasons and Holidays”. We learned about how different seasons can bring us different types of weather. For example, during the fall and winter seasons we can expect rain, lightning storm, flooding, and snow. We talked about how each one of them affect us in different ways. We also discussed about holidays and how people around the world may celebrate them differently. We learned how some people don’t celebrate Christmas but instead celebrate Hanukkah or Diwali to name a few. The children were excited to share their Christmas traditions like decorating their home, baking cookies, and getting and giving Christmas presents. The children were surprised that Hanukkah lasts a whole week and they have a special candle holder, which are called a menorah, that people light every night until all eight candles are lit. They also bake special treats and spend time with family to celebrate. In Geography we learned about Europe, and talked about the animals that live there, as well as the people and their traditions. In Botany we learned about the parts of a pine tree, and the life cycle of a pine tree. The book of the month was The Giving Tree, we talked about how it’s important to help others and give to those who may need help during hard times. We also enjoyed singing and dancing for our families at our holiday show. The children practiced and enjoyed performing for everyone to see. For our pre-primary December enrichment, we made reindeer celery, strawberry Santa, and make sugar cookies for our Christmas cookie decorating event. For art we made our very own book of seasons, cotton ball cloud art, and a shaving cream snowman. We had so much fun in science by making a tornado in a bottle, a rain cloud in a jar, and a snowstorm in a jar. We also had fun making music with instruments and dancing to music.

January 2020

January RecapJanuary was all about “Winter Animals and Hibernation”. Our continent of focus was Antarctica, the children learned all about the different types of habitats that animals live in. We learned that many animals hibernate during the cold season while others migrate to warmer climates. Antarctica is home to a small number of animals, mostly penguins, whales, seals and krill. In Zoology we learned about the life cycle of the penguin and the parts of the penguin. In Language we practiced the letter sounds for o, p, q, and r, each day we practiced our letter sound and talked about things that start with that letter.  Every Friday the children got to bring something to share that started with the letter of the week. We enjoyed reading the book of the month “The Mitten“, which explained the importance of sharing and giving. January’s enrichment was filled with different art projects, for one, we created artwork inspired by the artic animals, for music we learned about Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music. For cooking we made “sand playdough” the children loved playing around with this project. We finished the month off with some ‘Artic Yoga’, everyone’s favorite move was the Polar Bear Pose and the Moose.

February 2020

February Recap:  February was all about “Cultural Awareness and Friendship” we all read lots of books about friendship and how to be a good friend. One of the children’s favorite songs to sing was The More We get Together. We learned a little bit about each of our friend’s different cultures and traditions, as well as, exploring some other cultures of others around the world. In Geography we learned about Asia and how it is the biggest continent in the world. We learned that Asia is filled with many different people and many different types of animals like pandas, orangutans, snow leopards, to name a few. We practiced the letter sounds “s,t,u, and v” at every circle time and discussing words that start with the letters that we were learning. We enjoyed reading the book of the month, Little Blue and Little Yellow, who were best friends and did everything together even though they were different. For enrichments the children had fun doing fun art and science projects like dancing hearts, growing salt crystals, and painting the salt crystals. We also had fun doing dancing and movement with scarves and streamers. 

March 2020

March News:  March is all about “Rainforest and South America” We will be learning about rainforests and what types of animals live there. We will be exploring the food and music of South America as well as the people and animals that live there. We will also be celebrating Dr. Seuss’s Birthday and having St. Patrick’s Day fun learning about rainbows and shamrocks. The letters that we will be practicing are w,x,y and z. Our book of the month will a variation of Dr. Seuss’ most famous books. For enrichments the children will have fun creating artwork, science projects and cooking.

The Montessori Method

“I did not know much about the Montessori  method.  As I learned more, I was surprised how it works! Kids were always busy learning and exploring!  My son was actually sitting and learning and enjoying!”


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