“I did not know much about the Montessori method.  As I learned more, I was surprised how it works! Kids were always busy learning and exploring!  My son was actually sitting and learning and enjoying!

The teacher found the way to my son, and they became big friends.  I have learned a lot from the Montessori professionals at Stars, like how to educate my child and help him to gain social skills and academic knowledge.  So the  teacher, director and me became a team, and our goal was  to educate my child so he could be ready for the public elementary school.  I am very happy I brought my son to Stars Montessori, and I thank the talented teachers and dedicated director!” – Alla Martin

“Thank you for the care that you and the infant room team provide my Ila!  They are so friendly, nice andcomforting.  I visited many daycare and preschool facilities before choosing Stars, and the quality of other places paled in comparison to your wonderful school.  I would totally recommend anyone bring their children to Stars Montessori Academy!” – Liz DiGeronimo

“Great school…great teachers…Our son Sreyas loves this school.  We are really happy to be a part of the Stars Montessori family!”   – Bijesh & Sreeja Menon

Stars Montessori has graciously supported my son at various important development points including potty training, picky eater challenges and now with learning Spanish as a second language.  He enjoys his class and has a genuine affection for his teacher.  The playground is a favorite of his.  The administration is positive, welcoming and very attentive.  Our family could not be happier with Stars Montessory Academy!” – Lorien Suarez

“Our family moved from San Diego to North County just before the new school year began. Our four-year-old, Lucy, had a very difficult time with the move. She was upset about leaving a fun, supportive neighborhood with a lot of friends and leaving her preschool. I chose Stars Montessori because academically it seemed engaging and challenging, it had substantial outdoor space which co-owner Dave was always improving, and it felt like a cheerful, welcoming place.

My impressions were all accurate, but despite this getting Lucy ready for school and out the door each day was a battle. She complained of stomach aches, said she was too shy, said she wanted to be at home, etc. The teachers and staff at Stars were extremely helpful in assisting in Lucy’s transition. Each day her teacher, Ms. Noemi, greeted her with a big hug which eased her into the morning.  The owners Dave and Stephanie, and the Director Pennie greeted her by name with a smile each day. Teachers and staff facilitated positive, constructive friendships.

In addition to helping Lucy during a difficult time she grew leaps and bounds in maturity and academic skills. She grew confident in her abilities, learned to work independently, and gained skills with numbers and letters.

We loved our experience at Stars and would recommend it to anyone. I never had a complaint or a problem during our year sending our daughter there. Our only regret is that we cannot keep her there for Kindergarten. – Jennifer Nations

“I am grateful that we found this adorable preschool.  What I appreciate most about Stars is the loving relationship the teachers and directors develop with the children.  My daughter absolutely adores her teachers and talks about them constantly, which is ultimately what I value most in a preschool.  Beyond this, I have also been extremely impressed with the curriculum presented at Stars.  Each month has a theme, and all the art projects, songs, and lessons tie in to the theme.  There are also special days such as Mother’s and Father’s Day, Halloween, Soccer tournament, etc, where parents can come and participate.  It is truly a wonderful little community.” – Meredith Brady-Paino

“I LOVE, Love, love this place… that’s what went through my mind the first few weeks of having my daughter in the Infant room at Stars Montessori. After almost 4 months I feel the same way.  It was very difficult for me to leave my baby girl with strangers. I was an emotional wreck as we looked for schools to put her in.  Stars felt like a good fit at first but I never imagined it being as wonderful of an experience as it has been. The school is great.  Everyone is warm and welcoming. The owners (Miss Stephanie & Mr Dave) are always onsite and regularly doing little things to fix the place up and make it better.  I’m constantly noticing new little improvements they’ve made to upgrade the facilities.  I feel very comfortable with the building security.  Everyone needs a fob to enter the facility. I’ve noticed multiple employees keeping an eye out for strangers standing out front of the school. They often send someone outside to ask any loiters to move away from the school. The infant room is well designed. There is a good size area for the kids to learn to roll, crawl and walk with lots of developmental toys in the front.  They have a small area protected from the bigger kids so the littlest ones are safer from the crawlers and walkers.  They have a small kitchen area where the bigger kids eat in high chairs.  They have a section that is darker with soft music playing for the kids to nap.  It’s nice because it’s all open with small walls to section the areas off so they can keep a good eye & ear on the kids at all times. The teachers are the best…. Especially Miss Kerry!  I’ve been lucky to be able to spend my hour lunch breaks in the infant classroom with my daughter. There are two rocking chairs in the sleeping area in the back where I spend some private alone time with my daughter nursing her.  Some days I put her down for a nap and other days I get to play up front with her and the other kids in her class. It’s been a great way to get to know her teachers on a more personal level and to get to know her peers.  All of the teachers are great with the kids even the teachers that come in to cover breaks (Miss Brittney, Miss Olivia & Miss Alexis). All of the teachers meet the babies where they are at; sleeping schedules/ eating schedules/ soothing styles they adapt to the child and the parents personal request as much as they can. Miss Kerry is an exceptional lead teacher. She goes above and beyond with everything. This is not just a room where they babysit your kids. She works with each child throughout the day to help them learn and reach their developmental milestones.  

I was pleasantly surprised when I picked my daughter up at four months and she had completed her first art project!  In her first few months at Stars she’s completed 4 or 5 art projects (my favorite being my mother’s day gifts!).  Some of the things she’s done in class (learned fine motor skills, played with sensory tubes, learned cause and effect, learned sign language & Spanish, done baby yoga, learned about recycling and caring for our planet, watched lima beans grow, read books, sing songs, dance).  Within a week of being in this class she found her voice and learned to babble.  At 7 months she’s crawling, pulling herself up to stand, clapping to “If you are happy and you know it”, signing milk, saying Dada, starting to wave hi… and learning new things every day!  Stars Montessori has a private photo sharing site for the parents. We were looking at the pictures the other weekend and our daughter recognized pictures of her friends and got all excited!  It was too cute!  It’s amazing how social she is at just 7 months old.  She loves being there and is all smiles when I drop her off in the morning.  Definitely makes going to work easier! – Jeanette Bradshaw

Being married to military my family is not around so with no grandparents to take care of my daughter that meant I needed to find the best daycare. My 3 month old daughter started a week ago and it was so hard for me to leave her with strangers. After I dropped her off I cried, but knew my daughter was in good hands. I got pictures throughout the day showing me how happy my daughter was.  That made me feel really good and made me feel comfortable with my decision. Starting my second week at Stars Montessori the tears went away and I felt like I was dropping my daughter off with a family member. The staff at Stars are so amazing and are so good with infants and toddlers I would recommend them to everyone I know. Thanks Stars Montessori for taking such good care of my daughter!” – Lindsey Walliser

“Our preschooler has been at Stars for almost 2 years. He loves his teachers and actually has been asking to go to school on weekends to see them. He feels loved and supported. We are so thankful for the owners of Stars, as they support Maria Montessori’s vision. Amazing international community.” – Amanda Zerbini

Shortly after turning 2, we enrolled our daughter at Stars Montessori. She’s now been attending the school for 4 months, and in a very short time, has learned quite a lot. She knows her ABC’s, can count to 20, and comes home singing a new song almost every day. They work on enunciation, so when she recites the alphabet, it’s fluid and clear. This has also helped her do a better job pronouncing some of the words she used to struggle with. As for counting, they didn’t just teach her the order of the numbers, they’re teaching her the value of each number. She can easily look at a pile of objects, and identify the quantity of the items in the pile. From singing songs, to creating art, to just playing on the playground, there are plenty of fun activities for her to participate in on a daily basis. Over the last 4 months our refrigerator has stockpiled quite the art collection, and I’m constantly searching the internet to find the latest song she learned at school. Overall, our daughter is very happy, and we feel we made the right decision to enroll her at Stars Montessori.” – Steve & Kerry Loscher

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